Important notice concerning NovaLogic games and NovaWorld!

Beginning Saturday September 8th, 2007, we'll be moving our Network Operating Center (NOC) from a co-location in Los Angeles area to our office in Agoura. This move will begin with a half day of non-service followed by a series of non-service periods throughout the following weeks. Some of our game titles will require you to download our free patcher utility which will modify your installed product to work in our new location. If you do not modify your installed product, it will no longer work over the internet.

The game titles that will require this utility are:

* Tachyon The Fringe will no longer allow consumers to host their own game servers once it has been patched.
** Some versions of Delta Force Land Warrior installs will require it.

Download this utility now!

You can select the RUN option, or the SAVE option. You may also right-click this link and select "Save target as...". Clicking on the SAVE or Save Target As options will require you to begin the program once the download has completed.

Once the NL Exe Patcher utility has started, follow the instructions given.

Click here to view the read me file for this utility.

To test your connection with the moved NovaWorld, download NovaPinger.exe and test your connection.

If you are experiencing any problems or technical difficulties, please contact us at

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