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The big guns (and tanks, and choppers) join the fray – Nov 17th!

Calabasas, CA — 11/17/2004

Entertainment software developer and publisher NovaLogic, Inc. is proud to announce that Joint Ops: Escalation, the expansion pack for the hit PC title, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising has hit ‘Gold’ status and is in production.

The conflict in Indonesia has spilled over to other parts of Asia where rebel troops have gained support in the war against the newly reinforced Joint Ops forces. Set against a backdrop of South East Asia that includes Airports, Radar Tracking Stations and Rocket launch facilities, players enlist once more to take part in intense large scale modern FPS combat, in games of up to 150 players online.

As the battles shift to different locations, new vehicles enter the fray: Attack Choppers, Battle Tanks and Dirt Bikes make their debut to increase the modern combat frenzy that only Joint Ops can deliver. Players will also be able to make airborne insertions into hot zones via Parachute, take our enemy tanks with the Javelin anti-tank launcher and lay anti-vehicle mines to destroy enemy convoys.

Joint Ops: Escalation also features:

  • Optional Body Armor to increase survival in the field.
  • Clustered multiple capture points for instant action and enhanced CQB.
  • Optional 3rd Person view for vehicles.
  • New emplaced weaponry equipped with infra-red targeting for enhanced base defense.
  • Over 25 new maps, across 7 unique terrains, including new Co-Op and Training missions.

Joint Ops: Escalation is in stores on November 17th (US) for PC. For updated info, visit the Joint Ops web site:

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